The rubber filter machine should be inspected at the construction site when laying

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rubber filter machine

rubber filter machine is widely used in some of our places, we have a lot of precautions when laying, what we introduce today is the inspection of the construction site environment, which is very important for our safe construction and smooth progress, let's introduce it in detail below.

First of all, natural conditions, including terrain, geology, hydrology, meteorology and other natural conditions, play a key role in the preparation and comparison of the construction plan, so the investigation must be closely related to the project situation, do targeted investigation. For example, the climate of the location of the construction project, whether it is in the rainy season; The climate of the construction site in each month, lower temperature and higher temperature, etc. The second is the investigation of ground hydrogeology. In waterproofing works, especially underground waterproofing works, hydrogeological survey of foundation is necessary. Detailed investigation should provide detailed geotechnical engineering data and geotechnical parameters required for design and construction of individual buildings or groups of buildings; Geotechnical evaluation of building foundation. To ensure the normal progress of our construction.

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rubber filter machine