wholesale biobased fruit fork application requirements

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In the days of drinking water, beverages, condiments, cooking oil and other plastic packaging are marked with 1 wholesale biobased fruit fork, it is now the most widely used in food operations of plastic packaging. For different food varieties, the degree of softness and hardness of these wholesale biobased fruit forks is different, for example, the wholesale biobased fruit fork of drinking water, the bottle body is generally soft, and some functional drinks, etc., the bottle body is relatively hard. The same is used PET data, but the bottle is not easy to make many customers very simple "recruitment".

Plastic products have caused a number of experts to work health concepts, they widely believe that qualified beverage bottles, mineral water bottles are required to be made of food-grade plastic, that is, PET bottles. These food-grade PET bottles do not withstand high temperatures and need to be used at low temperatures, which are generally safe to use below 70 degrees Celsius. According to experts, the outside atmosphere, light, moisture, heat, foreign bodies, microorganisms "shall not enter the container and touch the medicine. The stability and effectiveness of many health foods can be altered by the gas, light, heat, moisture... that enters or escapes its packaging container. Such as tablets, granules and other solid preparations due to moisture absorption and moldy disintegration; Oral liquid and other liquid health food due to temperature, light, atmosphere, microbial infection and fermentation "Obstruction of infection should be extremely considered in the following aspects of the effect: health product bottle should make the container of pharmaceutical ingredients can not penetrate, escape out. The infective intention by osmotic pressure is separated from the other side. That is, the volatile compounds diffuse from the molecules of the container wall. The smell of medicine may be noticeable from the outside of the package. Polyethylene monolayer

Plastic wrap or something.

In particular, the paper-filled, multi-layer co-extruded hollow plastic molding machine is a very open way of hollow wholesale biobased fruit fork molding machine. Multi-layer blow molded high barrier hollow products will occupy an increasing share in the field of hollow products. Multilayer blow molding

Products are not only turned over in the food packaging industry

Soon, and in chemicals, cosmetics, medicine and health and other industrial packaging is also active. Multi-layer co-extrusion hollow plastic molding machine is a weak link in the field of extrusion and blowing hollow plastic molding machine in China. The opening of multi-layer co-extruded hollow product promotes the opening of multi-layer co-extruded hollow plastic molding machine. Internationally, in recent years, the multi-layer co-extrusion hollow plastic molding machine has opened very fast, and the skill is also traveling very fast. Pharmaceutical wholesale biobased fruit fork should have a satisfied stiffness and beautiful shape, can attract the user's eye in the appearance, to ensure that customers can have many choices and applications in the use of. The most common shapes of medical bucket wholesale biobased fruit fork are round, square, oval and so on. From the point of view of application, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Round wholesale biobased fruit fork has higher stiffness but not beautiful appearance. The square wholesale biobased fruit fork is beautiful in appearance, but it is not easy to control the uniform wall thickness of the wholesale biobased fruit fork during molding.

Medical barrel wholesale biobased fruit fork in the production to its excellent control and planning, in accordance with the production and processing technology for production and production, and has excellent use function and function, can be fully displayed in the operation

Important value.

Health products wholesale biobased fruit fork not thick on thin: accelerate the pre-blow molding time, or advance the pre-blow pressure, add wholesale biobased fruit fork

Gas flow rate.

If the different polymers are not completely separated, the final product will have major defects. In the recycling of cosmetic packaging bottles, certain systems and methods are selected for recycling, to ensure that the data is sorted in accordance with certain methods and useful recycling is carried out. Health products wholesale biobased fruit fork can be used in health food operations, in the packaging of health products occupies an important effect and value, but in the process of health products wholesale biobased fruit fork there are some quality and quality

Functional problems need to be dealt with in a timely manner to ensure that the effect and value can be fully played.

Appearance and characteristics of liquid wholesale biobased fruit fork: high stiffness, oval wholesale biobased fruit fork. But the mold production cost is higher. Therefore, in order to ensure the stiffness of wholesale biobased fruit fork, in addition to selecting the data with high stiffness, it should also go through the wholesale biobased fruit fork

Shape planning enhances the stiffness and load-bearing strength of wholesale biobased fruit fork.

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